Solar Panel Exclusion

Are Pigeons nesting or roosting underneath your solar panels?


Believe it or not Pigeons nesting underneath solar panels is a very common problem that homeowners run into! Solar Panels generally are raised 5-12' above shingled or tiled roofs allowing the hot air to escape increasing the production of electricity, This in turn leaves a void where Pigeons can easily go underneath causing havoc at your home. 

It is imperative that you have a physical barrier installed around the perimeter of the solar panels immediately after noticing Pigeon activity! Pigeon droppings are hazardous to humans and destructive to buildings (including your home!). Pigeon droppings accelerate the deterioration process to buildings and can cause unsightly damage as well as high maintenance costs. It is also possible for pigeon droppings to spread diseases to humans and animals. Some of these diseases are encephalitis, salmonella food poisoning, and in the right conditions, histoplasmosis.

We have installed physical barriers around solar panels at 1000's of homes in the Metro Phoenix area! We use high quality/durability products, we do not screw into, glue onto, or damage the solar panels in any way! Our guarantee to keep the Pigeons from accessing underneath the solar panels is 5 years on both parts and labor. In most cases we are able to utilize pre-drilled holes in the solar panels that are used for attaching electrical components and the solar panels to one another by using wire ties. In cases where there are no pre-drilled holes in the panels we will use metal solar clips and cut flaps in the screening/mesh pushing it up to create pressure onto the panel and it holds itself in. As you may notice, some homes have 2" spanish tile this is not a problem since a relief cut can be made at each side of the valley and the flap can be push down so that Pigeons cannot enter under the screening. 

Before installation we clean up and remove the Pigeon feces and nesting materials from underneath the solar panels. We will also pressure wash both underneath and the tops of the solar panels to ensure all waste is removed and the panels can return to highest efficiency of the system!

Products that we use for installation:

1/2"x1/2" 19 gauge galvanized hardware cloth (Budget saver and can be painted flat black), 1/2"x1/2" PVC coated (black) 19 gauge hardware cloth (premium), or 1"x1" PVC coated 16 gauge mesh (premium).

Wire Ties and Solar Clips

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