Pigeon Removal

Pigeon Removal and Pigeon Control

Do you need a specialized form of Bird Control? Do you need Pigeon Control or Removal for your home, shopping center, restaurant, or industrial property? Maybe you do not know how to get rid of pigeons or remove pigeons! Are you frustrated with repellents and gimmicks not working at your location? You can call the experts at Absolute Bird & Pest Control to help you with your problem.

Pigeons are spread throughout the United States and most of the world. They are highly dependent on humans to provide them with food and sites for roosting, loafing and nesting. They are commonly found around farms, grain elevators, feed mills, parks, city buildings, and other structures. Pigeons primary diet consists of seeds and grain,but will also feed on garbage, manure, insects, and many other food materials left behind by humans.

Pigeons are monogamous. The males will provide the nesting materials and will lay watch over the female and the nest. 8 to 12 days after mating, she will lay 1 or 2 eggs that will hatch after 18 days. After the hatching, the young will leave the nest in approximately 4 to 6 weeks of age. What is most interesting is more eggs may be laid before the first young leave! Peak nesting will typically occur during the spring and fall, but Pigeons may lay eggs, all year long if the conditions are right!

Pigeon droppings are hazardous to humans and destructive to buildings (including your home!). Pigeon droppings accelerate the deterioration process to buildings and can cause unsightly damage as well as high maintenance costs. It is also possible for pigeon droppings to spread diseases to humans and animals. Some of these diseases are encephalitis, salmonella food poisoning, and in the right conditions, histoplasmosis.

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